Bamboo Mingus

So I've been dyeing yarns for quite awhile, but I've avoided the sock knitting bug till now. Not sure why really, I guess I love the instant gratification of big chunky knits. Plus, I give most of my knitting away to non-knitters or sell them in my etsy shop, so the time and effort of small yarns and complicated patterns just didn't make sense. I have a feeling that's all about to change!

Here are my very first pair of real socks (I've knit socks with turned heels and everything before - just in bigger yarns for quick gifts) knit up in my new Bamboozled sock yarn. I love these socks... let me count the ways...

1. I'm totally in love with them.

2. I'm realizing how fun it is to do a small but intricate project. It finishes relatively quickly, but is a total work of art!

3. I have a crazy large stash of handpainted sock yarn that I've been knitting scarves out
of - hah! Now I find myself dyeing more sock yarn because I want an exact colorway for a sock project I'm drooling over.

4. I love these socks!

5. Knitting a complicated pattern is oddly relaxing. You can't really focus on anything else so you kind of end up meditating on the pattern instead.

6. I must knit more soon, or else these babies will wear out quickly - I can't seem to take them off!

7. Hiya Hiya 9" circulars mean I can knit them in the round, on 1 pair of circs - total bliss!

8. Did I mention I luuuurve them?

9. I rarely knit for myself and these are a just-for-me luxury I can really sink my needles into.

Oh there's more, but I'll stop there. I'm so excited to finally take the dive and become a real sock fanatic! My new compulsions are all the sock KALs on ravelry. Right now I'm planning to knit every sock in Cookie A's new book, "Sock Innovation" over the next year - at least one pair a month. And I have about 5 other great sock knitting books I've collected over the years as I was hoping to catch the sock bug. I really think it was the Hiya Hiya needles that gave me the extra push - I'm just not a huge fan of double-pointed needles and hate magic loop. Hooray!

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