Name That Skein!

I've been missing doing contests lately, they're just too fun! So, here's one where you can help me out with what is always my biggest dilema - naming skeins.

This one was inspired by the Snow White Dwarf Dopey - but that just doesn't sound like the right name for it now that it is done.

Leave a comment with your suggestion for a name for this colorway. Whoever's colorway name I pick will get a free skein! Go crazy too - it can be Snow White related or totally different.

Contest closes August 6th (so I can add these skeins to my August 7th shop update).

Leave your email or Ravelry username so I can contact the winner.
(Enter as many times as you like!)


Member's Choice Vote!

There were so many amazing suggestions on the Ravelry forum for our Member's Choice month that I couldn't even pick which ones to have you vote on. So, I wrote every mention down on a slip of paper and had my 2 year-old do a drawing!

Check out the poll on the left hand side of this page and cast your vote!

You get to choose between:

Don't worry - if your favorite didn't make it onto this list, it still has a chance for our vote for May's selection.

The polls close on July 31st so be sure to make your choice before then!