Winter Is Over

My husband thinks this photo looks like proof in an abuse case, but I think it looks like the end of winter! Scraped knees are a sure sign of warm weather and active children, so I'll take it.


Knitting Fashion

I think I know her problem - she's holding those needles all wrong!


Selfish Knitting

So I was just driving home from my first OB visit, and passed an LYS. I've seen it a few times (but had a car full of children with me). This time it was just me and the boy - age 2. Not a great age for LYS shopping, but I had to take the opportunity to pop in and check it out. After living in rurual New Mexico, I now shop for yarn almost exclusively online. There was no LYS within a 3 hour drive! (That's actually what drove me to start dying and spinning my own yarns.)

Anyway, I'm out of the habit of using my LYS, and today reminded my why they're so great. You never know how they'll be - snooty or nice - especially when you have a sticky-fingered munchkin in tow. (Literally sticky-fingered - not like he's a notorious yarn thief.)

I immediately relaxed when I spotted the table filled with kids toys at the door. Or I should say, when my son spotted them! One Stitch More in Cincinnati has an awesome selection of Rowan yarns, which is pretty rare, sweater's worths in stock so I had no excuse to order it online instead.

I love Rowan patterns, especially Rowan Classic (they seem to be more... well... classic than the other Rowan patterns which can be a bit edgy for my taste). So I decided to treat myself. I thummed through a few books, found one with patterns I loved, bought the yarn and now I just need to go and cast on already!

Here's my new project!

Woodland by Martin Storey from the Rowan book: "nature"

Rowan Bamboo Soft in silvery grey (so soft!)


Just Because

So we're finally moved in and I am officially expecting baby #3 this fall! I promised myself I'd become a regular blogger once the move was finished so I'll definitely be posting more, but I am going to be tired a lot, so it may be simple things that make me smile. Like this...

Seriously - what's better than a knitting clown?