Baby Pool + The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

It's getting close to baby time - my due date is October 7th - and I thought, why not a baby pool? Leave a comment with your best guess on the day the little guy will arrive and whoever's closest will win a skein of hand-dyed yarn! The window isn't too huge, so leave a date and an approximate time like AM or PM.

Here's a major hint:

I make giant babies so doc has promised to "help things along" if I haven't delivered by the 1st, so I'd probably guess closer to that date than the actual due date.

In Other News - here's my new most favorite recipe for fudgy, moist, delicious chocolate cake from King Arthur Flour. I always sub sour cream for the buttermilk/yogurt though. I apologize for the pic - it seems that after making cake my kitchen is a disaster area, but if I wait any longer to take the pic, the cake is half gone!

Hmmm... maybe the giant baby issue has something to do with my intense chocolate and sugar cravings that I get in the last month of pregnancy? This recipe sooooo hits the spot!