Sock Yarn Cinema Season 2

Here are all the details you need to know to be involved this season!

1. Each package will include a skein of yarn inspired by the film, plus extra goodies, like stitch markers, chocolate, project bags, and other fun treats that go along with that month's theme. We'll be using a lot of different bases, but all will be superwash, fingering weight and enough to knit a pair of adult women's socks.

2. The price is $35 per month which includes domestic shipping. (Canadians will be charged $2 per package, everyone else will be charged $3 per package).

3. Some months will have only one colorway, some you'll be offerred a choice between a semi-solid and a variegated colorway, plus the option of buying both at a discounted price.

4. There will be two options for purchasing:

Option A: Reserve a Skein
For this option you need to email Kate: kate@knititupyarns.com with your paypal address. You'll receive an invoice each month before dye day for your package, if you want to reserve a skein, you pay the invoice, if you want to pass that month, just ignore it.

Option B: Scramble
For this option you'll want to join our SYC Junkies Newsletter by clicking here. You'll get an email each month telling you when the packages will be listed in the shop. Packages will be listed at the "secret" time, and they will be sold first-come-first-served. Once they sell out they are gone. You'll get a chance to preview the colorway while the extras will remain a surprise, but you do risk missing out so click fast if you know you want it!

You can always do both - reserve the skeins from your favorite films and then check out the colorways before buying the other ones. Just be sure to be on both lists. We'll also be notifying you of contests just for SYC groupies via the newsletter and the ravelry group.

Oh and of course you might like to know the lineup!

June: My Fair Lady
July: Dances With Wolves
Aug: Jaws
Sept: Under the Tuscan Sun
Oct: Coraline
(Plus I’ll be releasing a special Nightmare Before Christmas series this month!)
Nov: Members Choice
Dec: Christmas Story
Jan 2010: Funny Girl
Feb: Sleepless in Seattle
Mar: Pretty Woman
Apr: Singin’ in the Rain
May: Members Choice

I'll be taking suggestions for members choice months at our Ravelry Group and then we'll vote on the finalists here on the blog.

Can't wait! Invoices for My Fair Lady will start going out May 16th.

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vickie said...

i so would love the Coraline and nightmare before Xmas ones i just finished watching Edward scissorhands i guess im in the mood for October already my fav holiday