Women are Dumb (Things I've Learned from Walt Disney)

"A jealous female can be tricked into anything!"

Unfortunately this one (thanks Captain Hook) is quite often true. I think this pearl of wisdom could even be expanded to read "a female in love can be tricked into anything." I'm not down on love - it's great, but let's admit it girls, some of us get really dumb when we're in that state of mind. If you don't believe me, just watch an episode of The People's Court. OK, you can now mock me like crazy - yes I actually watch that show. I have no real explanation for why, except that I'm completely fascinated by the dumbness.

Anyway, back to Hook. When I watch these older Disney films with my 2-year-old I am always shocked at the absolute lack of political correctness. I think most people agree that it is often taken too far these days, but old Disney movies make me realize that a little PC is a desirable thing.
So next time you're feeling a bit jealous try to keep your head and remember there may be a Captain Hook out there playing you like a fool.

Quick Crafts - Spring Yarn Bowls

Any craft that uses yarn is great since I have a ridiculous amount of it in my stash. Seriously people, I have an entire closet dedicated to yarn and it isn't even big enough to hold it all. Anyway, I came across this gorgeous idea on Martha Stewart's website. Yes it is the day before Easter, but hey, I happen to have a blue mohair yarn in my stash, an extra bowl lying around, and half an hour to kill. Now if only I was planning a major Easter dinner so people could come and admire my craftiness. Oh well! I know my two-year-old will appreciate it - especially once she figures out how to unravel it.

Instructions from Martha's website:

Dishes for sweets become well suited to spring when they're disguised as fuzzy birds' nests. Cover the outside of a bowl with double-sided tape. Wind a ball of yarn (we used mohair) around the bowl until its exterior is hidden. To finish, securely tuck the loose end behind the wrapped yarn.


Etsy Love - Star of the East

The internet is so amazing. I went to the post office the other day to mail three packages for my etsy shops, one to Moscow, one to London and one to Colorado. How crazy is that? Of course, it works both ways. I have seen some great international sellers on etsy and here is one of my favorites - Star of the East.
Esther and Estella are a mother-daughter team working together to make the world a more beautiful place. Check out their Etsy profile to learn more about these fantastic artisans. Click on any of the following photos to go straight to the etsy listing.

You can find absolutely stunning jewelry at this etsy shop located in Turkey. I am especially in love with their items made from objects they find on beach walks. Here are some photos of one of my faves from their Sea Urchin Collection:

From the item description:

"We clean the sea urchins, fill them with polyurethane foam and cover them with epoxy to make them strong and shiny. We used silver colored thread to adorn the sea urchin and a glass rhinestone in the centre to finish the piece. The ring is adjustable between the sizes 6,5 and 8, beautiful and strong made of silver colored metal (nickle and lead free).

I love how they took something found in nature and gussied it up to make it jewelry. And at under $35 they are affordable too. Oh yeah, and that includes shipping from Turkey. I think any of their items would make a fantastic gift or would be a great way to spoil yourself.


Wrap-Around Scarf

It is Malabrigo March on Ravelry so I decided to give this yarn a try.

Holy. Freaking. Moly.

This yarn is amazing! I've knit with merino wool before but this is the softest wool I've ever felt and the kettle dyed colors are just gorgeous. I'm planning to knit Jared Flood's Hemlock Ring Blanket out of it so I can wrap myself in Malabrigo!

Anyway, I wanted a pattern that would show off this gorgeous variegated yarn, be an interesting stitch pattern, but still be easy enough to knit during LOST.

Here's the pattern for my scarf:

Yarn: 1 skein Malabrigo Worsted (can substitute Manos del Uruguay but it is not as soft)
Colorway shown is Stonechat
Needle Size: US 10

CO 19 stitches

Knit 3 rows in garter stitch
Row 1: k2, p15, k2
Row2: knit across
Row3: k2, p15, k2
Row4: k7, wrap 3 (move the last three knitted stitches off of the right needle onto a cable needle, wrap the yarn around these stitches 3 times counter-clockwise, move wrapped stitches back to the right needle), *k4, w3, repeat from * to last 4 stitches, knit to end.
Row 5: k2, p15, k2
Row 6: knit across
Row 7: k2, p15, k2
Row 8: k5, w3, *k4, w3, repeat from * to last 2 stitches, knit to end.

Repeat rows 1-8 till you get near the end of your ball of yarn, knit rows 1-3, then knit 3 rows in garter stitch.

Block like crazy (it is basically stockinette so it will curl).



Featured Etsy Shop - Kniterella

Absolutely adorable notecards for knitters, sets of 9 for $8.95. Need I say more?