Books for Kids who have Fiber-Loving Mommies

So lately I've been noticing a whole lotta children's books that appeal to my fiber-loving soul. I'm thinking there's a good chance our new library's Children's Librarian is a knitter. I thought it would be fun to share my discoveries here since I think there are probably a few other fiber-obsessed (yes I upgraded myself from "loving" to "obsessed") mommies out there who would love to find yet another way to impart their obsession to their little ones.

For our first installment, here's a book I thought would be about knitting: Martha Makes Socks by Cambria Evans. Alas, it's about the anti-knitter: a moth who's making socks for dinner! And yet I can't help but identify with her love of all things wooly, and the way she devours scarves, two delicious balls of yarn and other fibery goodies. I guess she's just as fiber-obsessed as the rest of us, and while I read it with my daughter I felt oddly comforted that the moths trying to get at our fibers love them just as much as we do.

But they're still not invited to my stash!


PhatLady said...

Oh you've got to check out "Woolbur" my kids love it!

Kate said...

I have it and it will be the next one I blog about!