Knitty Feature (holy crap!)

Yep you read the title right, I just heard from the Knitty folks that they are going to feature my gift tags in the fall issue! Wowza! I am thrilled since I'm a huge fan. Look for them in the "Cool Stuff" feature.

I love to knit gifts, but I always forget to include fiber contents and care instructions with my gifts, resulting in more than one felted catastrophe. Such a waste of my beautiful yarn and precious knitting time! I had seen other knitting themed gift tags on the market, but nothing that included room for this important information. So, like any good DIY maven, I created some of my own (and of course I offered them for sale in my shop too)!

I'm stocking up in case the Knitty feature results in crazy sales, but if you want some of your own you may want to snag them now before the fall issue drops in early September!

I'll be adding some more tag designs soon. I recently joined the Selfish Knitters group on Ravelry to try and inspire myself to do more selfish knitting, and I can't believe the horror stories I've read about people being so unappreciative of handknit gifts. So I've also created Selfish Knitters Gift Tags that will be up in the shop soon. Similar to my other gift tags but with a special note that reads

"This project took hours of my precious time to make. You may now ooh and aah and wear it every single day for the rest of your life."

Some people just need a reminder, you know?

Here's another little something I created for gift knitters like me: The Knitter's Giftdex.

I just got so tired of asking my mother-in-law about people's favorite colors and fibers every November when I was gearing up for my procrastinated gift knitting extravaganza. Now I just fill out a rolodex card for each person, along with their birthday info, likes and dislikes, wish list, etc. I put it into a rolodex along with cards detailing which knitted gifts I've already given them. I keep it in my stash closet surrounded by squishy yummy yarn. Oh glorious organization!


Aunt Kathy said...


I love the tags... I may have to order up a couple sets to use as blog prizes when my contests are running.

Turtle said...

congrats! i had missed your tags before, they look so cool!

amoskin said...

that's such a fun idea with the rolodex! I love the tags too - off to Etsy!

Courtney said...

I just got my gift tags from you and I LOVE THEM.. I am going to post about them and then link them to your website...:-)