Etsy Love - Persnickity Knits

I love taking my knitting with me everywhere, and I usually use a fabric project bag for outings, shoving them into my regular purse. However, there were occasions, usually when I was going to be outside, that I wished for something a little heftier. Then I discovered these amazing and totally stylish knitting clutches from Persnickity Knits.
I bought myself this Little Lulu clutch in super sexy black. It is the perfect size for socks and other small projects. I've been carrying mine with me everywhere. I even took it camping! The faux leather stood up to dust and even a little rain, keeping my knitting perfectly protected.

Needless to say, I totally love this product. Even better, when I told the folks at Persnickity Knits about the upcoming Socktoberfest contest, they graciously offerred to donate a FiFi Knitting Clutch as a prize. This one is their medium sized clutch, a bit larger than the Lulu (perfect for stuffing full of other knitting prizes). To the right is a photo of the inside. My favorite features are definitely the wealth of interior pockets for knitting notions, and the lobster clasp like hook, perfect for running your yarn through, but easy to open up and take out your yarn when you want to move your project somewhere else. (I love it when you can be noncommital with your project bags!) The hook helps keep your yarn in the bag while you're knitting too.

So be sure to check out Persnickity Knits, and to keep an eye out for our Soctoberfest contest running October 1-31 for a chance to win a Fifi Knitting Clutch stuffed with Knit it Up goodies.


Aunt Kathy said...

I'll be watching for this contest... I love contests and that bag...wow it's awesome

Turtle said...

watching for the contest as well. Wow, i bought a purse from her a few years back at our local market...didn't even know she was making knit styled bags now!

Design Moonshine said...

Great blog with wonderful info! I've always wanted to take up knitting? Perhaps you have some advice on an easy way to start?
- Veronica

K.T. said...

Thanks Veronica, I'm super flattered since I love your blog so much!

To take up knitting, I think it depends on what kind of a learner you are. Some people can learn from books, but I totally couldn't. Look up your local yarn shop and drop in. You can either take a class, or most will be happy to show you the basic stitches when you purchase a pair of needles and a ball of yarn.