Name That Skein!

I've been missing doing contests lately, they're just too fun! So, here's one where you can help me out with what is always my biggest dilema - naming skeins.

This one was inspired by the Snow White Dwarf Dopey - but that just doesn't sound like the right name for it now that it is done.

Leave a comment with your suggestion for a name for this colorway. Whoever's colorway name I pick will get a free skein! Go crazy too - it can be Snow White related or totally different.

Contest closes August 6th (so I can add these skeins to my August 7th shop update).

Leave your email or Ravelry username so I can contact the winner.
(Enter as many times as you like!)


Kristen said...

I like the name "Whistle While You Work". Love your colorways and the movie!
My ravelry ID is yarnqueen
Kristen in Green Bay

emmacole1979 said...

Well, since Kristen stole my answer (LOL), I'm going to have to go with "Heigh-Ho..."

Snow White is a great movie...not my favourite from Disney (that would be Sleeping Beauty) but so far ahead of its time. Maybe some Disney films will make it into the Sock Yarn Cinema sequel?

My ravelry name is emmaknits1979
Emma in Hamilton, Ontario

Bean said...

The littlest dwarf. Or maybe cottage in the woods,-think pink and purple flowers green grasss and a brownish building- or seven little men. I really love your colors.
beankendall on everything.

Veronica said...

I'm thinking you should keep his name in it somehow, since the colors really are *him*. How about Dopey's Delight? To capture not only the joy he finds in simple things, but the joy he brings as well. ;)

VeronicaMM on rav

Michele said...

It's gorgeous; I love green and purple together. I'm going completely different for the name.

Grape Escape. Or Vineyard.

I'm MicheleLB on Ravelry.

Sophie said...

It reminds me of a hike I took recently in a lavender field the colors are really close... so maybe

Lavender memories

old style but a classic... ;)

Sophie8 on Ravelry

Dragonfly said...

Reminds me of violets that used to grow at my grandma's house surrounded by woods. So I'm going with Forest Violets. Although I'm a little fond of Dopey's Delight

Tribe said...


Dopey's Genius

Offered by MePlz aka KnittinPixie Aka Jenn ;)

Stacy said...

Beautiful colorway! How about either Grumpy No More or Lilacs in Spring?

My raverly name is sigma75.

Elise said...

Hmmm... How about: Someday? Or Prince? I was trying to think of songs from the movie, but also themes from it. I know you said it was inspired by Dopey, did you want his name incorporated somehow? If you did, it could be Dopey's Dream. Love this colorway! You do beautiful work!

Holly said...

How about
- Prince of My Dreams (from the song "Someday my prince will come"
- The Magic Kiss
- Fairest of All
- Happily Ever After
- Silent Affection (Dopey's affection for Snow White that he can't quite voice)
- Bashful Kisses (doesn't Snow White kiss Dopey and make him blush?)

It's a beautiful skein! I just found you on Etsy and love the colors you've done.

I'm hollisann in Ravelry.
Holly in OK

ViVi said...

Hello! Before I read where you found your inspiration, my first thought was "Mardi Gras." It just reminded me of the colors that can be found in New Orleans during Carnival time.

But to keep the Snow White theme, why not just "Whistle?"

It's great to have found you. Take care!

I'm vivienfrance on Ravelry.

Lisa said...

ooohh--my favorite colors!

Spring Violets
Clematis Vine
Iris Bouquet

the skein that wants to come live with Lisa ( a very good name, I think!)

Lisa (knitwench on Rav)

Share said...

Perfect colors for Dopey! But also works for Buzz Lightyear. My kids just watched Toy Story yesterday and the first thing I thought of when I saw the colors (which btw I LOVE!) was Space Ranger! It's the colors of their "uniforms". But Dopey's Delight is also good! Whatever you name it, it's beautiful! (Now I have to figure out how to mark this so I can remember to get me some! :D)

ikkinlala said...

I think I'd call it Campanula.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn! I love green & purple together. How about...

Lavender's Green (Dilly Dilly) - the 'dilly' part can be optional, I just can't get that song out of my head!

Lavender Mint
Amethyst Haze

Thistle Sage - or Thistle While You Work? lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, and my Ravelry name is Mander.

Turtle said...

Hmm, how about Dopey Dreams or Dwarf Delish or even Dopey Delish. I don't know, lol, but i love the colors! green and purple have always been my (and hubbys) two fav colors, and together even better! beautiful! I am Turtlemoon on ravelry, Tanya in Port Orchard WA

Share said...

My DH just saw it and he said "Taffy!" It reminded him of the taffy he saw being made once.

And OK, I'm having a dumb moment! I just realized I forgot to leave my Rav ID yesterday. :D

I'm share32006.

Elise said...

Just had another idea: Elfin. I know they're supposed to be dwarves, but is that not almost the same thing? Guess I should go read up on my fairy tales! :D

Oh, what about Dwarf Dreams? Might work, too. I don't know, I kind of have a thing for alliterations lately!

Diane said...

I'd call it African Violet

My ravelry name is MRSREDMST

Veronica said...

Ok, I came back to add a rearrangement of my original suggestion (Dopey's Delight)...how about Delightfully Dopey?

VeronicaMM on ravelry

pocketsize said...

Ok, I'm going to go in a completely different direction to everybody else.
The Joker. Am I the only one that thinks those are his colours? I know it's tangent to the theme, but once I though about it, I couldn't get it off my head.

My ravelry name is pocketsize

Aunt Kathy said...

my Ravelry ID is gimpykatk

I was thinking maybe "HI HO"

or "Dancing dwarfs"

"Sss No white here" lol

Gosh I am not too good at this. I need to think more. I'll be back, LOL

sailorcross said...

When I first glanced at this, my immediate thought was Lavender Harvest with the greens and purples together. It is just beautiful!!

My ravelry id is warmharte

Beth in PA

ponyknit said...

Love this color combo!

My vote is Grape Limeade

Rav: ponyknit

Leah said...

To me this looks like irises, and with the white in the skein and the fact that it was inspired by Snow White, I'd call it "Snow Iris".

Not as clever as some of these other great names, but I like classic.

Rav username is thisisnthappening.

Linda F. said...

Dopey really isn't, you know. How dopey is someone who keeps getting back into line to kiss Snow White several times before leaving for the mines? And he's the one who figures out how to stand on Sneezy's shoulders so he's tall enough to dance with Snow White! I think he's more of an innocent, rather than a "dope". So that's my suggestion: Innocent

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the photo of the skein, immediately a scent came to mind. I was smelling lavender and sage. And that is the image that came to mind, too...before I read your post. All that from the photo alone...so how about Lavender & Sage?


sailorcross said...

I came back to look at this yarn again. This also reminds me a wine vineyard--the purples and greens twisted together as they are. I was thinking Purple Champagne, or Parlez-vous teint en fil? (Do you speak dyed yarn in French).


mamarara said...

I love that colorway. I was thinking Dwarf Iris or White Iris. My rav name is mamarara

Elaine B said...

Truly lovely yarn. Gorgeous combinations of colors!

How about "Someday my yarn will come"? That has elements of Snow White but also reflects the anticipation of stalking the mailbox for new, beautiful yarn.

edderkop on Ravelry

K.T. said...

So many great ideas!!!!

Caliope said...

The colours are beautiful but not very dopey-ish or even Snow White-ish.

My first thought was of hyacinths... so how about...

1. Heavenly Hyacinths
2. Hyacinth Hurrah
3. Hyacinth House (The Doors Reference there)


My Ravelry name is Caliope

BellaMama said...

So many great names, this will be a tough competition!
I thought of flowers when I first saw it.
*Spring Violets
*Creeping Myrtle (I went & looked up this one & it's more periwinkle/blue in color, but it's also known as the flower of death!)
I'm bellawool on ravelry

Annie said...

My first thought was "Lavender Fields"

my ravelry id is railyuh :)

Joe said...

I keep thinking of Lilacs with this yarn, because of the tones of purples & white mixed with the green :)

So how about Lilac Orchard, or Lilac Harvest?

Or Dopey Lilac, to stay within the theme, lol

P.S. Ravelry ID: Joe82

spinkitty said...

Hi, I immediately thought of Pete's Dragon. Didn't look Dopey-ish to me either..

Ravelry id supermadknitter

spinkitty said...

Or what about another disney character - Madame Mim - in The Sword in the Stone. She turned green with purple spots!


Wendy said...

Basilwendy is my Ravelry id...I am thinking French Lilac...

K.T. said...

Thanks to everyone for participating in this contest - there were so many fantastic entries, but I just had to choose share's "Taffy" because once I read that, it was all I could think of when I saw the skein! It was actually her DH who suggested it, so he deserves a big kiss.

I had to do two runners up for making me laugh, so "the skein that wants to come live with Lisa" (lisa) and "someday my yarn will come" (elaine b) will each be getting a special shop discount.

I'll be having a major contest in "Socktober" so be sure to check back!