Resistance is Futile

OK, so by the title of this post I've already revealed that I grew up in a family where we watched StarTrek pretty frequently. But if I'm going to do this blogging thing I figure I've got to be honest with myself and perhaps with the 2 other people who might ever read this!

So anyway, I've finally decided to give in to this new technology and blog. Just admitting that it took me awhile to succumb makes me feel old, and I'm really not that old! I'm under 30, but I must be getting older because technology is starting to get confusing and all teenagers look like punks.

But at least when I did a search for StarTrek on Etsy, loads of items turned up! I don't watch anymore, but the trekkie items on Etsy were really quite fun, like this Spock pendant from sweetheartsinner.

I have always loved all kinds of crafting, but knitting takes center stage. This blog is dedicated to the things that inspire the artist in me - knitting patterns and yarn of course, but all kinds of art and design. I'll feature some other Etsy sellers, and just fun things I find on the web. I hope to make this a regular thing, but the realist in me knows that I'll probably post in spurts. But who knows, I actually miss writing papers since I graduated from college so this can be my new forum to write. I'll try to keep it light and avoid topics related to International Political Economy and Development but no promises!

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