Making Knitting Sassy

Saw these babies and just couldn't help but picture it... A little black dress, crazy variegated handknit socks and these amazing shoes from Betsy Johnson.

How do you keep your knitting fashion-forward? Or do you care? Most of my knitting is about comfort - cozy sweaters and scarves, socks that make your toes happy, things that I tend to wear too many times between washings and combined with sweat pants on wintery days. (Of course, I do work from home so many days I get by without seeing any actual adults other than the mailman.)

These shoes could be just the inspiration I need to kick it up a notch fashion wise. Plus they're on sale right now at ideeli for just $84.

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MsAmpuTeeHee said...

I actually can imagine Betsey herself pairing these with some funky handknit legwarmers :-)