All Knit it Up Clubs are ON SALE!

You may have noticed already, but thought I should just point it out - all Knit it Up clubs are on sale at the new shop.

As you may know, I'm expecting a baby this October, so we're closing the signups for all our clubs - Sock Yarn Cinema and Spinning the Seasons - on June 30th. That enables me to dye ahead and give myself permission to be very lazy for my last trimester and after the baby comes.

Yep I'm thinking ahead. Last time I was literally packing up orders when I went into labor, and putting off going to the hospital so I could swing by the Post Office on my way there.

Anyway - SYC is 25% off when you sign up for 6 months, 20% off when you sign up for 3, or 15% off when you purchase 1 month. Spinning the Seasons discounts are the same. The awesome part is the discount applies to everything in your cart, so you can stock up on other fibery goodness while you're there. (We're doing a shop update tonight or tomorrow - so there will be even more colorways, fibers, and cool new accessories to go around.) Even if you're set for clubs you can use the code KNIT to get 15% off everything else in the shop. Including our Alice in Wonderland Sock Yarn Collection. Let's just say I'm drooling over these colorways already!

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Jessica Jo said...

I already saw this in your shop! I'm thinking maybe on my bday (29th) I might get myself a little something extra, like a 6 month subscription for the spinning... maybe!