Handmade or Buy It?

Obviously with two etsy shops and as a lover of all things fibery I am a big proponent of handmade. And whenever I check out Martha Stewart's blog, I'm sure to find another project that entices me. Like these textured pillows.

I find myself yearning to create them - they're so gorgeous and yet... Check out these beauties available at Target for $20. Which is very likely less than what I'd spend making the Martha ones.

Know what? I bought the pillows from Target. I'll spend my free craft time knitting furiously on the Christmas gifts I haven't even started yet. (And quite a few that have been cast on and are patiently awaiting completion!) But I'm still tucking the idea away for that mythical time when my children are all grown up, I am independently wealthy, and have my days completely free to craft to my heart's content.
Well, until then, there's always Target!

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