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I recently ordered a ribbon wand from Etsy seller ribbonwands. I got it for my two-year-old daughter, blatantly ignoring the seller's reccommendations that they are for kids five and up. Um, yeah, after about the first year or so, and especially once you have a second child you start ignoring things like that.

Can she twirl it on her own? Kind of. But the real fun is having Mom or Dad twirl it around her. She's been enjoying it immensely, and I love toys that she can grow into. Because it really will be more fun when she's about five. Wait, isn't that the reccommended age? Oh yeah.

Anyway, I've realized in the meantime that I didn't really buy it for her but for me. Yes, I saw it and thought, "Of course my child would love that, I always wanted one when I was a kid." I had major dreams of being a rhythmic gymnast. But then I realized that you have to be somewhat flexible for that.

So when the ribbon wand came in the mail, we played with it all afternoon, but I was secretly looking forward to her bedtime so I could play with it all by myself. But then I had to share it with my husband who possibly had dreams of being a rhythmic gymnast as a boy because he was really enjoying it too.

Maybe tomorrow while she's napping and he's at work I can put on a leotard and some music and prance around with my ribbon wand. I mean her ribbon wand. OK, my ribbon wand.

By the way, I absolutely adore the idea of having flower girls at a wedding walking the aisle with twirling white damask ribbon wands in place of flowers. Think about it. The girls will thank you.


Nikki Workman said...

What a fun read. It is quite shocking to realize how many of us ladies had dreams of being Rhythmic Gymnasts.

I had to laugh at the age recommendation comment...it really does work better when they're over 5. ;) Thanks for the fun read and featuring my wands! I appreciate it and thank you...

Dyer Family said...

I can totally see how that would be a lot of fun, more for me though! How are you doing? We miss playin' at your house:)

Turtle said...

ahhh, so sweet! i love the wedding idea. And i am sure she loves having mom and dad wrap her in ribbon flags!