Quick Crafts - Spring Yarn Bowls

Any craft that uses yarn is great since I have a ridiculous amount of it in my stash. Seriously people, I have an entire closet dedicated to yarn and it isn't even big enough to hold it all. Anyway, I came across this gorgeous idea on Martha Stewart's website. Yes it is the day before Easter, but hey, I happen to have a blue mohair yarn in my stash, an extra bowl lying around, and half an hour to kill. Now if only I was planning a major Easter dinner so people could come and admire my craftiness. Oh well! I know my two-year-old will appreciate it - especially once she figures out how to unravel it.

Instructions from Martha's website:

Dishes for sweets become well suited to spring when they're disguised as fuzzy birds' nests. Cover the outside of a bowl with double-sided tape. Wind a ball of yarn (we used mohair) around the bowl until its exterior is hidden. To finish, securely tuck the loose end behind the wrapped yarn.

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StaroftheEast said...

Love this tip! Looks beautiful!