Name That Skein!

Here's another one that I thought y'all could help me with: varying shades of emeralds, teals with a touch of creamy white.

Same colorway in multiple bases. What do you think it should be called? I'll pick my favorite and the person who suggests it will get a free skein!
Feel free to enter every idea you come up with - just means more chances to win!

***Make sure you leave some way for me to contact you - your email, ravelry username or etsy username.

I'll choose a winner on November 26th, so I can have them up and listed in the shop in time for our post-Thanksgiving mega sale.


JC said...

Kermit - because it's not easy being green.

Shamrock Burst

Kerry me Off Green!

Okay, that was poor selections, but they made me giggle.

emmacole1979 said...

How Green was My Valley

The Green Mile

The Color of Money

Soylent Green

Sorry, I'm in the sock yarn cinema club, so I can't help but suggest movie titles. Good luck!

Gidgetknits said...

What Happens in Kentucky Stays in Kentucky
(I was thinking blue grass)

Frog Smoothie

Laundry Day in Sherwood Forest

It's a gorgeous colourway, by the way. I hope it inspires a wonderful name.

Incidently, I'm also new to the Pride and Prejudice sock club - I can't wait to see Bingley and Jane!

Casey Mac said...

Lily of the Valley


Green Onion

Going Green

Mint Julep

...I think I might be hungry. Or thirsty. Oh, and my Ravelry ID is CasSmith. Also, I'm REALLY sorry if this shows up, like, a hundred times. I had some problems sending the comment through.

Aunt Kathy said...

Jealousy Becomes You

Emerald City

If I think of more I'll be back

gimpykatk on Ravelry

Kristen said...

I like either "Finnegan's Reef" or "Finnegan's Isle." I love this colorway!

yarnqueen on Ravelry

Soap Mogul said...

Needleleaf Forest


canyongirl said...

"Kiss Me, I'm Irish" - my first gut response to the pretty, pretty yarn.

"Wearin' O' the Green"

"St. Patty's Day Parade"

"Knockglen" (Okay, so I just watched Circle of Friends and have Ireland on the brain!)

"Shamrock Shake" - my favorite McDonald's treat every March as a kid.

That's all I've got for today! I'm canyongirl on both Etsy and Ravelry.

Erin said...

Emerald Isle
Shimmery Shamrock
Green eyed monster

Wipaddler on Ravelry

Johanne said...

I think I'd go with "Eire", which is Ireland, in Irish :)

Or "Glas" for green in Irish

And btw love the colours, as green is one of my faves! :D (along with anything Irish hehe)

Johanne said...

Oh dear I just realized I'm signed under my Avon gmail account... Ok, contact info: Ravelry Joe82!

Sock Knitter said...

Neptune - Reminds me of underwater for some reason :)

Sock Knitter said...

I apologize - I should have also added that it's absolutely GORGEOUS! I thought I had typed that in the message, but it's not there :(

Anonymous said...

Mr. GreenJeans
Green McQueen
Beans and Rice


Anonymous said...

Emerald Sea

Those colors are georgous.

edina said...

a few ideas...

The Emerald City


The Land of Oz

The Wizard of Oz (the movie was on tonight so it's on my mind!)

Edina (Ravelry ID: edina)

canyongirl said...

How about "Jealousy" - plain and simple.

Also, "Rolling Hills"

Or "Rainforest"

Or "Irish Eyes"

-- canyongirl

Caliope said...


What beautiful colours:

* Forest Breeze (makes me think of leaves waving in the wind, the pale unbdersides flashing)

* Mohito/Mojito (yummy minty limey drink)

Caliope said...

oops... for got to say who I was...

RavID: Caliope

deaconmom said...

Suggestions from a classical lit lover:

Anne Shirley

Anne with an "e"

Anne's Green Gables

How Green was My Valley

deaconmom on Ravelry and etsy

Courtney said...

I was thinking Emerald City too...but someone else guessed that so how about

"Irish eyes are smiling"
"Where the green grass grows"

Ravelry ID:knitnpurlgurl

Lisa said...

Otter's Playground
Kelp Forest

Dang you for coming up with another colorway that wants to live with me!

Rav knitwench

Anonymous said...

Under the Sea - Ariel (because you could have a Sebastian or Ursula one too!)


Splash (as in the Tom Hanks / Derryl Hanna Movie)

Amy said...

Seaweed and tofu Salad (Yes, I am hungry)

Spring time

Frog in a pond

Fresh and green

Scent of spring

Mossy pond

Ravelry name: amychristy

canyongirl said...

I have more:

"Earth Day" (my fave so far)


"Vegan Cafe"

"Eat Your Greens" OR

"Leafy Greens"

My 7-year-old wants in on this too. Her suggestions are:

"Grassy Meadows"

"The Beautiful Tree"


Mya said...

Okay, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the lovely shades of green was "Froggie went a'courtin'

frenchiekisses said...

"Midori Mojo"...cause the skein reminds me of the drink Midori Sour.

"Green with envy"

frenchiekisses on Ravelry

Anonymous said...


RAV ID: Aprica1

Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Leapin' Lizards

Put The Lime In The Coconut


Nice yarn!!!!

melseyknits said...


Go Go Grassy

Wicked (looks like it has the same greens as Elphaba-the Wicked Witch of the West)

Elphaba (see above comment)

Emerald Seas

melseyknits on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Siren Song





I'm lesleyluu on Ravelry

c said...

fresh peas





eco knit

Twizzler on Ravelry

green tea

chorusline1 said...

Month of May
Creme de Menthe

I don't care what it's called, the colorway is just awesome!

Rav & etsy: chorusline1

Lauren said...

What about:
-Oxide (green color on copper after it goes through the oxidation process)
-Luna (as in the green luna moth)
-Ferticle Crescent
-Wet behind the ears

Jaye said...

Gorgeous!! (and I should know :)

A State of Balance
The Pursuit of New Ideas

etsy: bluesnharmony

Kittenears said...

Vista Verde
Cielito Lindo

I just can't think of anything in English.. oh well.
I'm on Ravelry as KittenEars :)

brgt_k said...

My thought was "Happy Mermaid" because anyone with these colour is bound to be happy!
I´m birgit on ravelry.