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I love this etsy seller karatstix! I traded a skein of yarn to her for a "Knitter's Rule" to give away in my upcoming "Etsyversary" celebration. She shipped it the day I ordered it, it came quickly and it is an absolute work of art. I am always so impressed at the high quality of handmade items I have purchased at etsy and this is no exception, Karen was such a pleasure to work with. I also love that she's purposefully using sustainable resources to create these fantastic knitter's accessories.

Here's a photo of the Knitter's Rule I'll be giving away:

And here are some photos of the custom work she does...

A WPI (wraps per inch) tool to help substitute yarns from your stash in patterns that call for other yarns:

Bobbins for fair aisle knittng:

And a 2" gauge checker:

I will definitely be returning to get one of these awesome pieces for myself! I am so excited that her phenomenal work will be a part of my celebratory give away!

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ikkinlala said...

It's always great to find things that are beautiful and useful too.